Offers Pro Courses 2020


*Formation DM (training course 6jrs)       790€     *Formation Inst (training course 13jrs)     1500€
(Prérequis Rescue, CMAS 3*, ou équiv.)                                  (Prérequis DM, N4, ou équiv.)

*Formation DSD Leader (1jr)                         190€       *Formation Inst EFR (1jr)                               220€

*Formation DM (Internship de 80 jrs)       400€      *Formation Inst (Internship de 80 jrs)    500€ (Prérequis Rescue, CMAS 3*, ou équiv.)                                     (Prérequis DM, N4, ou équiv.)
With validation of experiences and supervisions dives,       *Formation Inst EFR (Internship de 10 jrs)80€

*Formation DSD Leader (Internship 10jr)  70€       *Matériel pédagogique  Pack EFRI               159€
With validation of experiences and supervisions dives,         Manuel EFR Instructor

*Matériel pédagogique Crew Pack DM        269€        *Matériel pédagogique Crew Pack IDC      759€
English or French version 12 éléments, 3,6 Kg                         English or French version 18 éléments, 4,5 Kg
Manuel PADI Divemaster                                                           Manuel Guide to Teaching

Manuel de l’instructeur PADI                                                    Manuel de l’instructeur PADI

Logbook professionnels                                                              Cue-cards OWD Milieu Protégé // Milieu Naturel

Cue-cards du Divemaster                                                            Cue-cards de préparation MP // MN // Skills

Cue-cards DSD (Discover Scuba Diving)                                  Cue-cards Adventure In Diving // Rescue // DM

Hologramme d’authentification                                                Hologramme d’authentification

Encyclopédie de la plongée                                                         Examens OWD // Rescue  //  Dive Master

Livret Scuba Tune Up (remise à niveau)                                  Manuel Diving Work Book

Sacoche PADI Pro                                                                         Sac à Dos PADI Pro

Brochure GO PRO                                                                         Application IDC

Sticker PADI                                                                                  Sticker PADI




Manuel Knowledge Workbook, en English,                                   35 €


For the accommodation contact us,

  • price lists for any budget from 20€/nuit (with breakfast),
  • Possibility of corent (12€/pax), Staff House (5€/pax),

*Offers TTC by candidate, block and supplied lead, not understanding:
Educational supplies, specific, fresh material PADI, fees of certification, rent of the equipment of restoration and accommodation, Indicative price which can be subject to modification without advance notice,

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