Nosy Be – Madagascar

The most beautiful island in Africa, Nosy Be - Madagascar

The island of Nosy Bé is the most famous island of Madagascar thanks to its
climate and the beauty of its beaches, a marvel for the holidays, it extends over twenty four kilometers long and eighteen wide.
It is dubbed the Perfume Island because of the large number of Ylang-ylang plantations, sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, pepper and other amazing spices.

Nosy-Be Madagascar, The most beautiful island in Africa

This pearl of the Indian Ocean, remains today, as well as its sister islands, a privileged and authentic destination that we invite you to discover with us.
Nosy Bé was for several years an important trading post installed by the Indian and Arab traders. Today, the tourist activity based on nautical activities including scuba diving, is a source of income supplemented by the industrial shrimp fishery, called pink gold, and by a sugar factory and rum fueled by the many local sugar cane crops.

Nosy Be a tourist island

The interior of the island of Nosy Be, is dominated by a string of small volcanoes now extinct, and is very pretty.
Their craters have become wonderful little lakes of deep green that contrasts with the blues of the sea. They shelter families of crocodiles and it is forbidden to bathe, fish or move there with a canoe.
Nosy Be is 345 days of good weather a year, so diving is possible all year, knowing that most centers close from January to March, low season and Cyclone period in Madagascar, that Nosy Be suffered that very rarely because of its exposure north-west side of Madagascar, thus protected by the big land.
Nosy Be is an archipelago of small islands that offers many dive sites, with
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