Offers Dive Courses 2024

From 60€*

You found the Dive Center which you need !! !
You pose and dive … We take care of you !

Rates Divers Training 2024 :

*Discover, DSD (1/2jrs) inclusive notebook DSD                                                    60€

 *Scuba Diver, (4 x 1/2 jrs), inclusive boat dive,                                                   350€

 *Open Water Diver, (8 x1/2jrs), inclusives boat dives,                                    500€

  *Advanced Open Water Diver, (3 x 1/2 jrs), inclusives boat dives,            500€   

  •  5Adventure Dive (with Deep & Orientation mandatory)  
  • (Prérequisite OWD, or équiv.),                            

*Rescue Diver beaches dives (6 x 1/2jrs),                                                              590€ 

  • (Prérequisite AOWD, or équiv.),                            

* EFR first aid training 1/2jr,                                                                                       150€

* Spéciality Padi beach dive   (3 x 1/2jrs), Night, Navigation,                             180€

*Spéciality Padi boat dive (2 x 1/2jrs, Deep,  Wreck,                                             210€

*Master Scuba Diver, (5 Padi spécialities), certification fees,                            80€

* All equipment renting, by ½ jrs,                                                                           10€

*Offers TTC by candidat, Certification and textbook (according to availability) inclusive, safe for Adventure Dive, tank and weight, not including the rent of the safe equipment for the DSD, and, Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses:
Indicative prices which can be subject to modification without advance notice


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